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Case study

Case study Automobile

Needs and concerns

We manufacture various spare parts of the vehicle. Therefore, we have products of different size, weight, and length. It is essential to store the product in appropriate racks to ensure its safety and quality of the product. Apart from finished products, we need to store raw materials for manufacturing the spare parts. Therefore,an appropriate, cost-effective and efficient storage solution is required to store them without affecting the product design.

The automobile industry deals with products of different size & weight. Therefore, storage racks to manage different product specification and raw materials is required.

The storage rack should be sleek and compact. It should occupy less space and increase the free space.

The storage rack should provide a better solution to retrieve and store heavy duty products.

The storage rack should be affordable and quicken the transportation process without causing delay or damage to property.

Identified Problem


METSTO suggested the best storage solutions that could stock the product in a favorable and suitable method. Some of them are, pallet racks, mezzanine floors and FIFO racks. They also provided customized racks after considering the product specification. The racks are well-crafted and increases available space. It made inventory and transport management easier. The storage racks suggested also enhanced the storing process which quickened the loading and unloading of products.