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Cantilever Racks


METSTO has been constantly ensuring to support different industrial needs efficiently and perfectly. The demands and needs of industries have been increasing and varying as the need arises. Therefore, to store long, bulky, or oddly-shaped loads, METSTO provides cantilever rack which helps to store the product of any load and length with ease. It is the most economical storage solution which has reduced handling times and optimizes space. On contrary to pallet racks, the cantilever racks are considered cost-effective solution as the load length increases. It is built with the best steel material obtained from certified vendors and adheres to the international standard for quality and performance. The cantilever rack has a compact design and hence creates more functional space.


As the cantilever rack has no front column, it is easier to load and unload.

The cantilever rack can handle load efficiently placed anywhere along the entire length of a row.

The non-availability of front column in cantilever racks helps to save horizontal space.

The cantilever rack is designed to store any type of load.

Industries Served

It is ideal to store long, thinner items such as steel racks, beams, long pieces of timber or furniture, hardware store and plumbing supply warehouses.