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Drive in Racks


Drive In Rack storage systems requires a minimum of aisles and provides a maximum utilization of the available floor space. It is ideal for bulk storage products, the section of which is not a determining factor . The product are first pelletized and stored on steady cantilever rails to make use of available height.

The principle advantage of this system is the height utilization and is recommended for those products with a large amount of pallet of the same products. In this we can maintain First In First Out(FIFO) and Last In First Out(LIFO).


The drive-in rack provides low-cost bulk storage and guarantees stock rotation.

The products are stored in FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis and hence the products are dispatched as and when they are manufactured.

The products are stored and retrieved from drive-in rack using forklifts.

The drive-in rack is rigid in construction and resistant to wear & tear.

Industries Served

The drive-in rack is a cost-effective solution which is an excellent option for freezers. It is suitable for storing homogeneous loads without high turnover needs.