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FIFO Racks


We are the leading Flow Rack Manufacturers, where we produce high quality First in First Out (FIFO) pallet utilizing latest cutting-edge technology and provide across the country in most cost-efficient price. Once the pallet makes it to the tip of the lane the pallet is far away from the racking. This sort of racking is great for food processing, manufacturing and merchandise which might be moved through a date stamp or a batch. Pallet Flow rack presents the highest storage capacity for FIFO without using automation. 20 pallets deep presents manufacturers decreased forklift travel.


As it is follow FIFO format, inventory management and storage maintenance has become easier.

It is used in assembly live in any engineering.

It can be used as Kanban system.

It is custom built and uses plastic or metallic for Chuter rollers.

Industries Served

FIFO rack is quite useful in many beverage distributing corporations, beer distributors which use multiple size pallet rack. It is widely used in food and beverage industries and dairy industry.