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Case study

Case study Garment

Needs and concerns

The garment industry deals with dress materials of different lengths. The garment warehouses have space constraints and an improper storage plan. Therefore, It is important to store them safely to satisfy the international standards. It demands an effective solution to store the goods securely and protect them from dust and other contamination.

The priority of garment industry is to store the products safely and securely to achieve international standards.

An efficient storage rack is required to protect the products from dust, rodents and other contamination.

The storage racks should facilitate easy product retrieval, transportation process, and quicken inventory management.

The storage rack should have the best rack design which exhibits excellence in performance, reliability, and durability.

Identified Problem


METSTO has come up with the best storage solution for stocking garments which could be accessed and managed with ease. The vertical space utilisation system such as pallet racks, mezzanine floor and shelving racks eases inventory management and optimises space thereby making room for other facilities. It has helped to store products effectively and ensures to protect the product quality.