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METSTO provides pallet rack which is the popular form of storage for palletized goods. It is widely used in every industry for a long lasting storage facility. We have a specialized in-house team of designers and task directors to deliver the outcome as per the requirement. The pallet racks are designed to store heavy-duty products such as tires, automobiles parts, etc. The experts comprehend on the various requisites and plan an appropriate design which can store products with ease. We manufacture products based on quality guidelines and ensure to achieve spotless results. The pallet rack is tested at each stage of the development process to ensure it exhibits fineness in performance and efficiency.


The heavy pallet racks has better storage and load bearing capacity.

It has a sleek design and hence occupies less storage space.

It is portable and hence, it is easy to store and unload the goods.

It is easy to clean & handle and incurs no maintenance cost.

Industries Served

The heavy duty pallet racks are widely used in industries where there is the need for a quick accessibility of products such as FMCG. It is used in engineering industry to store spare parts and in trading companies for easy recovery of different products. We aim to provide products which support industrial sectors for their easy usability.