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Mezzanine Floor


Mezzanine Floor is a raised floor to multiple the original surface area of the established existing business area because of the shortage of space availability. When you plan for expansion in the floor space , the installation of mezzanine floor is ideal solution in order to take full advantage of the surface area of industrial premises of any other premises. It increases storage efficiency and provides full use of available vertical space for office as well as for bulk storage. Thus creating extra space for manufacturing, assembly, or office usage. The maximum utilization of the vertical height leads to reduce processing time with additional floor space providing maximum storage in a minimum space.


The mezzanine floor improves work process productivity and space usage.

It is well designed to hold heavy duty products effortlessly.

The mezzanines could be manufactured using the available and existing supplies and work zones.

It is user-friendly and requires very less maintenance.

Industries Served

The mezzanine floor has varied usage and is useful in creating additional functional space for storage space. It is used to create office space in the production area, industrial shops, and warehouses.