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Storage Racks

Mobile Storage Racks


Mobile Storage System maximize the space utilization by eliminating aisles and compacting several shelving system into a much smaller amount of space .An aisles or access to your files opened up Only when and where you need it by easily shifting entire rows of shelving .

Main advantage is only one aisle space we can operate entire racking system where as mechanism with rotating handle with stopper and manual operation as well as motorized system.

This system is mainly using for keeping records & files and valuable items and for component storage. It is always dust free and compact storage. This is most widely used in all Industries such as Pharma and Chemical Industries ,Food and Beverage Garment, Garment, Textile and Accessories, Automobile and Engineering ,Electrical and Electronics and Cold Storages.


The mobile storage rack is provided with four swivel caster for easy transport.

The front two wheels have locking mechanism to keep the rack intact at a point.

It has good load bearing capacity and can hold products of any size and weight with ease.

The mobile storage rack can also be personalized to suit the client’s requisite.

Industries Served

The mobile storage rack is ideal to store files, records, tubas, sousaphones. It is prominently used in stockrooms, workshops, workplaces, etc.