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Racking System

Multi-Tier Racking System


Multi Tier storage rack is mainly used for storage and order picking of goods, bins, carton or small parts components for bulk storage. Multi-tier storage racking system construction is based on the shelving racks combined with floor systems depends on the available height of the roof.

The advantage of the Multi-tier storage racking system has a high usage of floor space i.e. vertical space. Order picking on several tier additional space is gained for storage & assembly parts.


The multi-tier racking system is susceptible to industrial wear and tear.

It is powdered coated which has a mesmerizing aesthetic look and exhibits a superior finish.

The multi-tier racking system is easy to assemble and do not require drilling or welding during installation.

The multi-tier racking system is designed in such a way that the products can be retrieved from any side of the rack.

Industries Served

As the multi-tier racking system has multiple facility, it is can store light to heavy products with ease and hence, it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, library, warehousing, logistic companies, hospitals and numerous other industries.