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Picking Shelving Racks are fully adjustable long span racking systems is designed for storage of light to medium duty loads. It lends itself to use in almost any situations. This system offers the benefit of quick assembly, good stability and low cast, and also aesthetically good. Picking Shelving Racks are dedicated for the storage of heavy products such as machinery tools, semi and finished goods and carton boxes etc…. This system is also suitable for the construction of multi-tier racking system. This is most widely used in all industries such as Pharma and Chemical industries, Food and Beverages,Garments ,Textiles and Accessories, Automobile and Engineering . Electrical and Electronics and Cold storages.


The industrial shelving rack is built with strong steel frames and isdesigned to hold heavy products with ease.

The shelving rack is light in weight and therefore, it is easy to install and maintain.

Depending upon the storage space, the shelving rack is customized as per the usage.

It is the most efficient and economical solution in terms of space optimization.

Industries Served

The shelving racks are usually used in industries which has limited storage space. It is also widely used in distribution centers. As it is a cost-effective storage solution, it is an ideal choice for start-ups.