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Special Purpose


METSTO aims at delivering the best products to support the different storage requirement of various industries and manufacturing sectors. Some of the special purpose storage demands such as a huge chunk of logs, barrels, gas cylinder racks have specific storage requirements. It is essential to design rack which can handle and support these products effectively. Therefore, METSTO has figured a well-structured and innovative design rack to satisfy special needs. The rack has the excellent design which undergoes a strict quality check process to ensure it delivers an outstanding feature of excellence in performance and reliability. The product is manufactured as per the need and hence it is available based on the demand. METSTO ensures to imbibe the best quality material for manufacturing special purposes to achieve the desired outcome.


The special purpose rack has the best design which optimizes the available space.

It maximizes the space utilization by squeezing several shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space.

As it made using the best quality raw material, it is resistance to corrosion and dent.

It is highly susceptible to industrial wear & tear.

Industries Served

As the special purpose rack is personalized based on the need, it is varying storage design for storing gas cylinder, wire spool, reel jacks, cable reel racks, etc.