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Case study
Tire industry

Case study Tire industry

Needs and concerns

The need for storing heavy duty products such as tires of bikes, cars, heavy vehicles, appropriately and safely is essential to maintain its quality & performance. Since there is an immense investment, any wastage or damage of products results in huge loss to the company. Therefore, to overcome this issue tire industry imported storage solution which cost them triple the price of the product manufactured. It affected their profit margin and therefore required a smart and cost-effective solution to meet their demands.

The Tire industry deals with heavy duty products, hence, safety and proper storage solution is a priority.

The storage rack should have an adequate storage capacity. It should be cost-effective and utilize the space optimally.

The storage rack should have a safe design so that the storing and retrieving of the product is easy.

The storage rack should be reliable and durable. It should easy to access, handle, and maintain.

Identified Problem


METSTO approached them and suggested the FIFO racks, pallet racks which sufficiently stored the product and ensured that the goods are unaffected by adverse conditions. Our innovative strategy helped them resolve the issue and reduced the cost by 200%.