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Warehouse Racks


METSTO supports sturdy, long-lasting warehouse racks to meet the increasing demand of industrial and manufacturing sector. Our in-house expert comprehends to client’s requirement and after analyzing the storage capacity and product specification, it is customized according to the need. We ensure that the racks have a good storage capacity and are safe to use. It is essential that the industrial sector must have a clear perception and idea about its storage specification. Based on which they can obtain warehouse racks for different product capacity storage. METSTO adopts state-of-art techniques and methodology to provide futuristic warehouse racks which are highly durable and reliable.


The warehouse built with robust raw material has safe storage facility.

Some of the warehouse rack demand enclosed cupboard to protect the products from dust and other contamination.

The warehouse rack has the best design which allows storing product from one end and retrieving from the other end.

The warehouse rackis designed to store products of different specification such as size, length, and weight with ease.

Industries Served

The warehouse rack is used in large warehouses to store and arrange boxes in a systematic manner. It is also used to store heavy-duty industrial product efficiently.